Blockout Black 14mm Contact Lenses

Regular Price: $29.90

Special Price $11.96

  • Expiry: 10/19 (discard November 2019)

    Blackout Black contact lenses are the ultimate black contact lenses. They completely cover your eye colour and blend in with your pupil, leaving you with large black eyes. They are the perfect accessory for goths, zombies, vampires or any Halloween costume.

    Quantity: Pair
    Base Curve: 8.6
    Diameter: 14mm
    Life Span: 90 days
    Made in the UK

    To find out more information regarding the care and application of our lenses please click here.

    WARNING: You must be 16+ years of age to purchase. By purchasing these lenses the buyer acknowledges they understand the proper application of contact lenses.

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